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Which Platform to best play Bayonetta on


Just like with Ninja Gaiden Black, Bayonetta‘s first outing has made its way to numerous machines and there is, of course, never a clear winner. In an attempt to make one’s upcoming purchase of Bayonetta somewhat easier on her tenth anniversary, let’s put all the game’s features together for easy comparison.

The main changes in between games are the framerate, resolution and screen tearing. Unlike most games with this many releases, not a lot of bugfixes or changes were present in between versions. Most notable are the four costumes exclusive to the Nintendo platforms and the fact that Jeanne’s breast size was changed in some later versions to be more in line with her original character design. So yes, we’re going to feature cup-sizes in our comparison chart!

Resolution Framerate Screen TearingInput DelayCutscenes lagNintendo CostumesJeanne’s cup size
PC4k60NoNoNoThrough modsB
PS4 Pro144060NoNoYesNoA
X1 BC*72050-60NoMinorNoNoB

* X1 BC = Xbox One Backwards Compatability Program; meaning inserting your original Xbox 360 disc into the Xbox One.

Kilgore glitch

One of the most notable glitches and exploits in the game is the Kilgore Glitch – a maneuver that sees Bayonetta shoot far more rockets than intended for increased damage. While each release had the rumor that it was finally removed, it is present in all versions. Hideki Kamiya, the game’s director, has been asked numerous times about whether the glitch will be removed, his answer was simply “everything is same as the original“.

Nintendo Costumes

To celebrate Bayonetta coming to the WiiU, both it and its sequel got access to some Nintendo styled costumes as shown here.

These costumes don’t just change the look of Bayonetta herself, but also change some things in the game. Using the ‘Hero of Hyrule’ costume sees the game’s currency change to Rupees while the Sharuba weapon for example while wearing the outfit of either Princess Peach or Daisy sees Bowser come to her aid during Wicket Weave attacks.

PC Mod support

Despite its legacy, Bayonetta doesn’t enjoy a lively modding scene on the PC in part due to its difficulty to be modded. The game has a Nexus page where some colour-swaps are present however, and some of the aformentioned Nintendo exclusives and also Bayonetta 2 costumes have been modded into the game, as well as some custom skins like Persona 5’s Panther, Sonic’s Rouge and Metroid’s Zero Suit Samus. You can find those collected here. Note that these modded costumes do not enjoy the changes offered by the original Nintendo costumes.


There are of course minor details that won’t influence your purchase too much like the Xbox One X version sporting some darker colours. That said, unless you want the Nintendo exclusive outfits the Xbox One X and Playstation 4 Pro versions are the king of the consoles, while the PC version is a very solid port with minor mod support and larger breasts for Jeanne if you’re a purist in that regard. And if you want them even bigger, well, there’s bound to be mods for that too. Lastly the Playstation 3 version should be avoided at all costs, even after its numerous patches does the game still go as low as 17 frames per second in the most intense cases while also sporting much slower loading times.

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