Hasker Brouwer

Owner & Writer

Art-director by trade, with a specialty in turning complex stories, visions and products into simple animations or infographics, Hasker always loved telling stories and making things clear.

Stinger Magazine is an extension of that. Tired of modern gaming publications starting with conclusions on the title they are discussing, fed up with bloggers posing as critics, he took it upon himself to just make a website that describes what a game does, why, and for whom that might be interesting. And what better genre to focus on than the one he loves most? Action.

Vincent Hiemstra

Copy Editor

Old friend of Hasker, together they’ve shared many adventures, both in real life and online. An avid fan of Warcraft, he could tell you the series fabled history in exquisite detail and has done his share of writing on the subject.

Thanks to his good knowledge of English, in part due to one day dreaming to move abroad, he helps out at Stinger making sure that the articles are up to snuff.

Milan Lefferts

Content Editor

Independent game developer and writer based in Amsterdam. Storytelling is at the heart of everything he does. He creates worlds and experiences, both digital and analogue. One word, one piece of code at a time.

Outside of that he uses his knowledge of the craft to edit all articles on Stinger Magazine before they are published, because as he says: “every good writer needs an editor“. Want to see more of his own work, please visit his website.

Johan de Wild


Not the hero Stinger deserves, but the one it needed. Johan singlehandedly saved the site from damnation by rebuilding it from scratch in less than 3 hours. Now he helps with changes to the design and keeping the site up to date.

During the day he’s an avid gamer and owner of WildIT – a Salesforce agency that helps to configure and develop Salesforce platforms.