Ninja Gaiden: 30th Anniversary Video

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ninja Gaiden, please enjoy the video-version of the Stinger Magazine article written on the 2004 reboot! Many thanks to the members of the community for providing footage on the games, such as BigAlski, JTB and Bick Benedict.

This was a first for Stinger Magazine and something I really enjoyed doing, even if it did take away a lot of time from writing articles for the site. I hope to find a solid balance in the future.

As a special bonus, I’d like to also include information on the true demise on Iberian’s Ninja Gaiden Realm, courtesy of user and community member BigAlski.

In response to when asked about Iberian’s NGRealm and its demise, the following was said:

“IMO, whether or not it’s off topic, it should still be discussed out in the open for people who want to know so they can fully understand what really happened. People should know the truth about IW and how he let everyone down when it didn’t have to happen like it did. Since you took the time to message me, I’ll respond here but would have said the same thing out in the topic.

Basically IW was having personal issues and wasn’t spending much time at the site like he use too. The admin and mods over there suggested we share access to the site along with IW so if it went down, needed maintenance and so on, it could be taken care of by multiple people, not just IW. IW always said in public it was the communities site, not just his since others donated a bunch of money throughout the years, but when it came down to it, it turns out it was just his. He promised me and Reim0027 (who was running the site as best he could without full access) that he would give us full access to the site but never did. This “promise” went on for well over a year and finally a bunch of us called IW out on it as the site was going down for weeks at a time. IW took it as an attack although it wasn’t, it was just simple questions (which I copied some down and still have) regarding the future of the site. IW even attacked (if you read what he wrote you would understand why it was an attack) me out in open as well as my wife (who had nothing to do with anything) but it just proved how sad IW had become and how all his principles he preached over the years meant nothing. IW let the site go because of his ego and now the whole history of the game from the beginning on video is gone which is very sad.

So to address what you thought, a bunch of people were willing to help run the site and a bunch of people were willing to pay to continue the site so those weren’t issues. IW’s ego at the end was. Trust me there’s more but I think you can get a picture.

He came over the Ninja Archives a few years back, said a bunch of BS, and never returned. If you want to read it to understand more of it and see what others said, here’s a link to the topic. Since you’re a member over there, you should be able to read it.


At the end of the day, IW’s site didn’t have to shut down and the whole history of the game didn’t have to be lost but it did and that’s the part that hurts everyone the most. There are a lot of videos still out there but no where near what IW had. I also lost a good friend over this which sucks the most.”

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